Anatomy of a Virtual Assistant?

Anatomy of a Virtual Assistant? A Virtual Assistant, is a person with a wide variety of administrative skills, working remotely from home. I don’t think the concept was not fully understood but now after the pandemic and working from home became a norm, it is not so out in the left field. Virtual Assistants, inContinue reading “Anatomy of a Virtual Assistant?”

Balance and Ways to Find it

How do you find balance?  I am often reminded that what works for some people does not necessarily work for others and that one person’s idea of balance may not be remotely balanced from another person’s perspective. Being balanced means you have a handle on the various elements in your life and don’t feel thatContinue reading “Balance and Ways to Find it”

8 ways to be more productive

Do you feel like you are just going from the morning you get up until you go to bed at night? Realizing you missed a couple of priorities? Try these 8 tips to be more productive on a daily basis. Start your day off right – shoot for 6-8 hours of sleep. Be prepared –Continue reading “8 ways to be more productive”

Balance — what is that???

Finding daily balance can be a challenge. What time do I need to get up? Do I work out in the morning or should I have some “me-time” and enjoy my coffee first? Do the kids have anything special for school or after school? What are my priorities for work today? Having a daily to-doContinue reading “Balance — what is that???”