Anatomy of a Virtual Assistant?

anatomy of a virtual assistant

Anatomy of a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant, is a person with a wide variety of administrative skills, working remotely from home. I don’t think the concept was not fully understood but now after the pandemic and working from home became a norm, it is not so out in the left field. Virtual Assistants, in fact, have been around long before the pandemic! One positive of the pandemic is that there is more focus on work/home life balance and flexible working arrangements, and more importantly, the realization that you can be productive while working from home.

Virtual Assistants are not all the same though. Some offer traditional administrative services, some offer more tech services (website, graphic design, social media) and some offer a mix of services. Virtual meeting platforms, like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, have made a huge difference when it comes to holding remote meetings, which is exactly why Virtual Assistants are able to give brilliant support to small business owners and other, larger, organizations.

If you are struggling with your workload, remember that you don’t have to do it alone. Whatever your business and needs are, there will be a Virtual Assistant with just the right set of skills to give you the support you’re looking for.

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