Balance — what is that???

Finding daily balance can be a challenge.

What time do I need to get up?

Do I work out in the morning or should I have some “me-time” and enjoy my coffee first?

Do the kids have anything special for school or after school?

What are my priorities for work today?

Having a daily to-do list is one of the best ways to find your balance and ensure everything gets done that is suppose to get done. Whether you prefer traditional pad of paper or an online program like Asana. I like to use both methods — my traditional pad of paper for both personal and professional items that need to get done. Nothing more satisfying then crossing off items on my to-do list! Then I like using Asana for those larger projects, allowing myself the opportunity break down the project into little steps.

Another way I find balance is by taking a 5 minute break every hour. Whether that is to just get up and stretch my legs, go outside to breathe in some fresh air, throw a load of laundry in, start dinner in the crockpot or whatever else the day has in store. By taking those quick 5 minute breaks, it gives me the opportunity to step away from the computer(give those eyes a break) and recharge and refocus. That way when my work day ends, I am not rushing around completing all these other chores and I can enjoy some downtime.

What are some of your ways you find daily balance?

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