Anatomy of a Virtual Assistant?

Anatomy of a Virtual Assistant? A Virtual Assistant, is a person with a wide variety of administrative skills, working remotely from home. I don’t think the concept was not fully understood but now after the pandemic and working from home became a norm, it is not so out in the left field. Virtual Assistants, inContinue reading “Anatomy of a Virtual Assistant?”

5 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Your business is growing and you are busier now more than ever. You could use an extra set of hands, so someone suggested that you should use a virtual assistant. However, you have no idea what a virtual assistant is or for that matter, how they can help you. If that is the case,  it isContinue reading “5 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant”

8 ways to be more productive

Do you feel like you are just going from the morning you get up until you go to bed at night? Realizing you missed a couple of priorities? Try these 8 tips to be more productive on a daily basis. Start your day off right – shoot for 6-8 hours of sleep. Be prepared –Continue reading “8 ways to be more productive”

Balance — what is that???

Finding daily balance can be a challenge. What time do I need to get up? Do I work out in the morning or should I have some “me-time” and enjoy my coffee first? Do the kids have anything special for school or after school? What are my priorities for work today? Having a daily to-doContinue reading “Balance — what is that???”

Are you rocking?

Are you drowning in too much to do?  The New Year is not starting off on a solid foot like you had hoped?  You had every intention of getting & staying organized, minimizing your work load, delegating more of the tedious projects? Are you a mom, dad, grandparent, person that cannot seem to get organized?  CannotContinue reading “Are you rocking?”

Are you drowning?

Are you drowning in too much to do?  The holidays have  you frazzled ~ last minute gifts, wrapping, not to mention your regular errands of grocery shopping, laundry, and everything else.  Are you a business that cannot seem to get organized? You need The Busy Bee Virtual Assistant TODAY!   No project or job tooContinue reading “Are you drowning?”