Reselling & Decluttering

You have taken the time to clean out the closets of clothes that have been outgrown but are not sure what to do next. You know these items, whether clothes, shoes, or household items, are still in excellent condition and maybe even name-brand. You don’t want to donate them or throw them away. Perhaps you have a lot of vintage household items, toys, or candles, you get the idea. You need someone to help you with reselling and decluttering. The entire process of reselling and decluttering items involves many different steps: take pictures of each item. describe the items, post the item, and answer any questions; then once the item sells, box it up carefully, print the shipping label, and ship it, which is very time-consuming. Makes you continue to store those items causing excess clutter.

If you are local to The Busy Bee Virtual Assistant and want us to sell and ship items ~ contact us today! If you are not local to The Busy Bee Virtual Assistant, we can still assist you with selling your items. Just looking for next-to-new items? Check out my selling sites below.

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