Are you protecting yourself?

are you protecting yourself? data privacy, cybersecurity, protect your information

When was the last time you changed your online passwords? When was the last time you reviewed which applications have access to your data? When was the last time you wondered “are you protecting yourself” from hackers and scammers? Picture this ~ you wake up one morning, make your cup of coffee and sit down to see what’s new with your family and friends on Facebook only to see that you are locked out of your account. Panic sets in, right? Now you start scrambling to try and verify your identity to get back into your account.

Once you get back into your account, breathe a sigh of relief and change your password!

That simple, repeated password you might have used over and over, is no longer suggested. Here are some tips to keep in mind when coming up with new passwords
* Do not use personal information
* Do not use real words
* Create longer passwords and incorporate upper and lower cases letters, numbers, and symbols
* Modify easy-to-remember phrases
* Don’t write them down
* Change passwords on a regular basis
* Use different passwords on different accounts
* Do not type passwords on devices or networks you do not control

You will also want to set up multi-factor authentication. This will alert you either via text, phone call, email, or authenticator app when there is an unrecognized device trying to log into your account.

Start implementing these steps now to secure your accounts, make sure you are protecting yourself, and don’t fall victim to these hackers. I hear of someone getting locked out of their accounts multiple times a day. This is just a game to them, a way for you to lose contact with your family and friends and lose precious memories you have. If you need help with getting back into your account, contact The Busy Bee Virtual Assistant and let us help you.

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