Is your computer safe?

Today is National Computer Security Day; is your computer safe? Are you wondering why we would need a day devoted just to computers & security? Well, you should think again. Identity theft, fake accounts, frauds, ransomware viruses and more can make our online experiences challenging. Here are some tips to do TODAY!

  1. Create a strong password. In computer security, length matters. Passwords that are 6 characters are easier to hack, especially if they’re only made up of lowercase letters. To make your password more secure, create a 9-character combination of uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers. Lastly, avoid using the same password for every account.
  2. Update the spyware and malware protection software. Schedule your protection software to automatically perform a scan. Don’t forget to add your other devices too! Phones and tablets are also major security risks.
  3. Encrypt and back up your data.

Keeping your computer safe is a top priority EVERYONE should be focused on. See this other blog post on other ways to ensure your data is kept safe.

The next time someones ask you “Is your computer safe”, you can now answer Yes and know that it is. If you need help with ensuring your computer is safe, or another task, contact The Busy Bee Virtual Assistant and let us help you.

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