Start protecting your privacy

October is National Cybersecurity Month ~ when was the last time you changed your online passwords? When was the last time you reviewed which applications have access to your data? When was the last time you wondered “are you protecting yourself” from hackers and scammers? In today’s day, protecting your privacy should be one of your biggest priorities.

Here are a few quick tips to ensure your privacy is protected:

> Regularly update your passwords. Read this blog on creating secure passwords.
> Enable multi-factor authentication where possible.
> Stay informed about the latest security threats.
> Educate your friends and family about safe online practices.

Most credit card companies are offering free credit monitoring. Take advantage of this. Over the weekend I received an alert from one of my credit card companies telling me I had a new alert. When I logged in, it showed me that my social security number had been found on the dark web. I immediately went to all 3 credit bureau companies and froze my social security number. Had I not taken advantage of this free credit monitoring service with my credit card company, I would have not known. It is also wise to review your credit report annually.

Start implementing these steps now to secure your accounts, make sure you are protecting yourself, and don’t fall victim to these hackers. I hear of someone getting locked out of their accounts multiple times a day.

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